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Yutyrannus is a medium-sized, feathered theropod.

It cost 10 diamonds and is members only.

Yutyrannus has thick fur like feathers, it's feathers cover it's body except for it's feet, claws and tail tip.


Whitish-grey feathers covering body with black stripes on it's throat and belly.

About the same size as an Elephant in Gameplay


Play: Puffs feathers up, than shakes off snow

Sleep: Lying like a sleeping goose, it rest with head on the ground.

Dance: It dances part of "Sugar Plum Fairies" dance.

Sit: Similar to it's sleep, but with it's head upward.

Hop: It leaps up, leaving a snowy print beneath it.


*Because Yutyrannus is an arctic dinosaur, you can see it's breath in Mt, Shiveer, and elsewhere in winter,

*It has unique patterns