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Sir Wind Jammer
Wind jammer new.png
|280px|Wind Jammer concept sketches]]
Wind Jammer concept sketches
Vital statistics
Position Sailor
Age Unknown (theorized to have been 18)
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

"H-Hello! I am Sir Wind Jammer! You may refer to me simply as 'Wind' If you would like to."-Sir Wind Jammer's introduction in Back way

Sir Wind Jammer is a young penguin who was supposedly in the Jamaa Navy, during the times of the war.


Normal appearance

His normal appearance was the appearance an average penguin with sky blue feathers, a white under-belly, golden coloured eyes and matching golden butterfly wings. He wore a dark blue silk scarf, white fur cuffs on his ankles, and his infamous sailor hat.

Cursed appearance

In his cursed appearance he had deep black feathers, a neon-purple filled phantom mouth, a giant neon-purple eye with a black monster iris, six clawed tentacles, and torn neon-purple butterfly wings. He also appeared much taller.




  • This character is based on the official Animal Jam toy set: Sir Penguin & Pet Bunny
  • Sir Wind Jammer had a pet bunny named Fuchsia Pet.