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Whispering Cave is a land area in Jamaa. Unusually, it isn't on the world map; the only way to reach it is by entering the fissure in Deep Blue.


Whispering Cave is a round, open space deep in Jamaa's cave systems. Players spawn at the bottom of a huge waterfall. Animals can swim up this waterfall, and when they reach the top, they'll be taken back to Deep Blue. Leading out of the waterfall is a glowing, crystal path, that leads the jammers to the various shops and locations to visit. In the center of the locale is a marble statue of a bat, with amethysts for eyes.


Bat Statue - In the middle of Whispering Cave, a statue of what appears to be a bat is located. When jammers play around the statue, it's eyes light up. If four or more jammers play around the statue, it begins flapping it's wings and twitching it's ears.

Heav Inn - An inn with a few beds inside. There is also a shop where you can buy a few items, as well as a claw machine that rewards plushies that can't be found anywhere else.

Quartz Plaza - A large building made of, well, quartz. There are a few tables with white tablecloth, and in the center of the room is what appears to be a dance floor made of crystal. When the player's animal walks on the dance floor, they start dancing, like how animals hop in a bounce house.

Gemstone Goods - A shop where jammers can buy gemstone and cave-themed clothing and furniture.

Quiet Hatchery - A small hut housing a nest where players can adopt eggs. There is also a shop where players can buy egg-themed items.

Journey Book

Cave Beetle - Found near the Heav Inn. It scuttles out of a window in Heav Inn's roof, then crawls back inside.

Isopod - Located in the waterfall. It sometimes tries to swim up the waterfall, but falls down and goes out of view.

Salamander - It's found drinking the water from the Waterfall. When approached, it will hide underneath a nearby pebble.

Stalagmite - Found hanging from the ceiling.

Velvet Worm - It squirms around Gemstone Goods, before being scared off by a Psuedoscorpion.

Psuedoscorpion - It's found on the roof of Gemstone Goods. When the Velvet Worm appears, it'll hop off to scare it off, before climbing back up to the roof.

Firefly - Flutters around the Bat Statue, but will hide behind the Bat Statue after a while.

Insect Eggs - Found in a nest nearby the Quiet Hatchery.

Centipede - Circles around the Insect Eggs for a bit, then scatters.

The reward for completing the Journey Book is the Pet Quiet Hatchery.