Animal Jam Fanon Wiki

The Whisper is a fan-made chat mechanic.


A Whisper is an option you can use to chat privately with other Jammers. Using a whisper, other Jammers will see it unless it is the Jammer you are whispering to. A notification showing the Jammer's username, as well as a picture of their current animal, will pop up on either side of the recipient's screen when a Whisper is sent to them. Clicking their animal picture will bring up their Player Card. There are buttons below the text that have the option to reply to and mute the Jammer who sent the Whisper.  

In the general settings tab, players can enable and disable this feature. If needed, there is also an option to "deliver Whispers quietly" if they still want to receive them, but do not want to hear them. 

Whispers can be completely disabled in the Parent Dashboard. Doing this overrides any settings changed in-game. 


  • This idea mimics the Whisper feature in the retired and revamped game, Toontown.   
  • This feature is for all Jammers.