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Default Walrus


It is a Members only animal, they can be bought for 1000 gems.


It starts out with a dark brown body and wiry cream-colored facial hair. It is big, has sharp white tusks and looks menacing. It starts out with black semi-circle eyes and a default patter of a white stomach and white under the flippers.


Play: It pulls out a fake fish and eats it

Dance: Twirls it's mustache

Sits: It similar to a seal

Sleep: Curls up like a seal


Play: Spins a ball

Dance: does the wave

Pose: Rests with front flippers

Dive: Swims down

Swirls: Swims in circle


Walrus is water and land animal.

Walruses are large animals

Second of the large water and land animals coming from a cold area, first being polar bear.

Alpha animal name is Jenkins.