Some ideas that I have that I decided to separate from the den ideas. I know I could have made them one blog post but there were just too many den ideas. 

Pet Ideas

Action Preview

The player can preview their pet's actions before purchasing them.

Named Eggs

Eggs will be given the name "Egg" before they hatch rather than a blank name.

Egg Timer

Eggs will receive a timer counting down the hours and minutes until a 24-hour hatching cycle completes in the pet selection menu.

Hatch Button

The player can click a "HATCH" button in the pet selection menu to hatch an egg that has finished its final hatching cycle without the need to reload. The egg will automatically hatch if the player reloads.

Speckled Egg

The player can create an egg with speckles, similarly to the egg advertised in the Eggstravaganza menu and real life robin eggs.

Other Ideas


A basic notification tray for Animal Jam occurrences

Buddy Request Board

A section containing pending and incoming buddy requests, allowing the acceptance of requests without annoying pop-ups.

Buddy Pager

A Jammer Wall-style chat system to communicate with far away buddies without the blockiness of limited Jam-a-Grams

Crowd Sifter

Assists with clicking people in crowds. Highlights gamer tags for a better click. Text bubbles can also be clicked to access a Jammer's game card. Text bubble highlighting can be turned on or off at any time.


Promo items are given a PROMO tag to better assist with fair trades.

Non-Member Tracks

Some den music tracks become accessible to non-members: Sol Arcade, Jam On, Pet Parade, Hoppin' Around, and Appondale. 

Jamaa Township Journey Book

Jamaa Township is enhanced to include a Journey Book. 

Jamaa Township Music

Jamaa Township's music becomes available in the den music store.

Map Styles

The player can change the style of their map to a more cartoony style.

Updated Pet Pedestal

The Diamond Shop's Pet Pedestal updates to accommodate newly added pets.

Reduce Lag-Causing Animations

An option allows the player to simplify animal animations and eliminate unnecessary animations. This is to help reduce lag on slower computers.


Power-Up items can be purchased at the Adventure Base Camp and worn as accessories, including Heart Pins (one-heart boost), Healing Staffs, Mind Bands (takes a few more hits to decrease a heart and be put into a deep sleep), Check Point Charms (can create checkpoints, limited ability), and more. (I may cover this in an article).  

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