Some ideas to improve dens and decorating them


Den items are given multiple 90-degree rotations other than the basic flipping of the current rotations. Assists with chairs and just putting something against that one wall in the Crystal Palace den

Bouncer System

Is someone causing trouble in your den and you don't want to lock everyone else out in the process (or go through the trouble of buddying everyone)? This feature will help. You can be the 'bouncer' in your den and access a list of jammers in the den. You can kick anyone who is causing trouble out of your den and you will be also be given a pop-up, allowing you to report and block them.


You can adjust the size of items in your den between different sizing options. This feature is reminiscent of the differently sized items in AJHQ's Epic Dens.

On Trade Status

This is simply the addition of an indicator that an item is currently on your trade list. This is to make it clear to the player that, if the item they place is traded away, it will disappear from their den.

Layering Forward and Back

Double clicks will allow an item to go forward or back by one layer. Assists with chairs, shelves, and possibly buggy items. Layers do not include walls. 

Spawn to Front Setting

The den owner can turn a setting on or off that determines whether all den visitors have their game reloaded and their animal spawned back to the front of the den (as normal) or not when they enter their den. If the Spawn to Front Setting is off (no respawn), the player will be notified when the den owner arrives.

Lock Status Tooltip

If the player hovers over a gamer tag's den button, it will show in the tooltip the lock status of the den (unlocked, locked to non-buddies, or locked to all).

Portal Lock Status

When setting up a den portal, the player can see the lock status of their buddies' dens. This helps with setting up portals for others to enter.

Portal Tooltip

A tooltip will appear when hovering over a den portal, listing the den it leads to.

Decorative/"Dead" Portals

Den portals can be put in a state that shows them as "active" without them leading to a den. This assists with decoration.

Less Buggy Den Portal Set Up

Den portals can be set up in a less buggy manner, allowing the player to select buddies without losing their highlight on the portal.

Wallpaper/Floor Sampling

In the store, the player can get previews for the appearance of certain wallpapers and flooring in the store menu.

Den Mapping

The player can access a map of their den.

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