Animal Jam Fanon Wiki

The Play Items Tab.

Play Items are items you can interact with in animal jam, the main categories are food, drinks, bags and roleplay items. Bags are still a work in prorgress but AJHQ has given jammer hints that they will keep items inside. When asked they said "A way to not get annoyed when you have a full inventory".

The shooting range for bow & arrows or any other range item.

When a jammer is equiped with any sort of Bow and Arrow, Crossbow, other range items and in the future slingshot, a button will appear in the top left corner of your screen, clicking the button will replace your cursor with the shooting range. By clicking it will shoot out an arrow or anything that you are equiped with. In adventures if you shoot a player or phantom it will deal damage to them.

The arrow.

The arrow is the only completed range items while others are still a work in progress.

*Insert Number Here* Items Left!

You would have unlimited items but the downside was you needed to reload.

Swing! Hit!

By equiping any sword-related item a button on your top left side on the screen would appear and once clicked, the cursor will be replaced with a swinging or hitting image. It would show a blue square which you can acces but the outside would be all black which you can't acces. Once clicked it will show a swinging/hitting animation which in adventures can deal damage to phantoms and players.

(This is not in animal jam. Animal Jam Belongs to Wild Works inc. Images belong to me, please know this is a fan idea, thank you!)