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Creepy crawlies (crawlies for short) are phantom-animal hybrids originating from labs.They always have animal and phantom parts, and can either be more phantom, more animal, or balanced between the two. They have a black and purple color scheme along with one or 3 eyes, may also have extra limbs.

King/Alpha Crawlies

King or alpha crawlies are the leaders of a crawly pack, packs either have only one king or more kings. More kings usually leads to bigger packs however there have been cases of large crawly packs with only one king. King crawlies are more likely to have extra limbs and 3 eyes, along with breeding with most of the females in the pack and being the father of most of the craws that are in the pack. If a heir grows up to be 3 years or older, they can challenge the current king to the throne, which will result in battles. If the heir wins, they become the new king and the old king is kicked out of the pack to find another pack to become king of. If the king wins, they have a choice of letting the heir still live in the pack, or leave it to find another, in which if a king chooses the first option, they will have a three strike policy, if the heir challenges 2 more times and fails, they are out of the pack. King crawlies are usually bigger or more majestic and superior animals, such as eagles, crocodiles, lions and arctic wolves.

A king crawly.

 King crawlies will also sometimes be challenged by other crawlies that arent in their pack, crawlies who are lost, kicked out from another pack, or something else. Kings will usually accept these challenges, also usually win. If the crawly was close to winning, but not quite, the kings can either accept them into the pack but with a warning to never challenge them again, or kick them out. If the crawly does win, they banish the old king and become the new king of the pack, leading to changes made by the new king to improve the pack a bit. Heirs also become the new king if the old king dies, retires, or is unnable to manage the pack.

Needs to become a phantom king

1. Be male - no need for an explanation

2. 1. Be a heir 2. Be a crawly from another pack - 1. You must be the first-hatched of the king's craws, and challenge him. 2. Be kicked from the pack, something else, and challenge the king.

3. Be 3 years or older - You must be 3 years or older to challenge the current king because 3 years old is when breeding instincts, adult-hood and other things kick in.


Craws are baby crawlies who hatch from boomseed-like eggs. They are usually found huddled in groups, playing games, eating bits of food or hunting. Mothers lay 10-20 eggs per batch and 1-5 of them are first-hatched, along with 68% being offspring of the current king. Only the first hatched of the king's offspring can challenge him for the throne, and are thus, heirs. The first-hatched also get to experience hunting while the rest are left to a phantom egg and bits of food, there to play, eat or sleep. The egg serves as a nursery for the craws while the others are hunting.Craws are also as big as a micro phantom. 

Craw egg and craw.

There are also runts, even smaller than the average craw and are usually not given food and lose battles, and due to this, they either die or are adopted by jammers or phantoms.


Normal crawlies can be any animal, any part and have many different possibillities. Crawlies are usually assigned a rank and new crawlies who have just joined the pack start at omega.

Average crawly.

Here is a list of all crawly ranks from highest to lowest:

King/Alpha - The leader of the pack.

Heir - Treated very highly.

Medic - Recieve dreams and heal hurt crawlies.

Supplier - Supplies the pack with enough things to survive.

Spy - Spies on other packs and gives information to messangers.

Messanger - Give away the dreams the medics recieve and other news.

Warrior - Guards and soldiers of the pack.

Hunters - Hunt food for the pack, some crawlies hunt way too much.

Babysitters - Babysit the craws and heirs while the others are away.

Omega - Begginers or crawlies who did something horrible.

Craws - Creepy crawly babies.