Babby The Chihuahua

aka Babby The Chihuahua

  • I live in United States
  • I was born on July 19
  • I am Female
  • Bio Woof! Hi, I am a Chihuahua named Babby.
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This is not my Arctic wolf btw, I just like this pic. :3

About me

Hello, <insert name here>! Welcome to my profile! I'm Babby, and I am a Chihuahua. Feel free to post on my message wall, but please be nice, because I'm really sensitive (Don't post if you're here to harass me, impersonate me, spam me, or make me lose friends, aka telling people not to be friends with me). Have a nice day! :)

My favorite pages

  1. Wolf Hat
  2. Fox Tail
  3. Arctic Fox
  4. Maned Wolf

Favorite animals on Animal Jam

Literally everything dog-related, including the following:

  1. Wolf
  2. Arctic Wolf
  3. Fox
  4. Arctic Fox
  5. Direwolf
  6. Fennec Fox
  7. Coyote
  8. And many more. XD


  1. Bullies
  2. Losing friends (especially when someone tells someone else not to be friends with me, it's mean.)
  3. Trolls
  4. Homework
  5. Being told "stop", "no", or "don't"
  6. Spam
  7. Being impersonated
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