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The Ultimate Dragon is a limited time animal. You can only get it by any Diamond gift card. They will be here only from the first of January 2016 to the 7th. Ultimate Dragons are the largest animal of Jamaa.

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The Ultimate Dragon when first got is black around the body for color one, and purple for its belly and face for color two. It has the pattern lightning, which is colored grey. Its eye color will be red. It also has giant wings. The inner wing is purple and the outer is black with the lightning around. It has spiked horns which you cannot change the color, and the color is dark moldy purple.


Dance: They do a short version of the wrecking ball dance

Play: They spin up then quickly sends a pang of lightning bolts then comes down, leading a trail of neon purple fire.

Sleep: They sleep on a fire cloud, with its wings down.

Hop: They hop with its wings, and goes high.

Sit: They sit like they have pride in them.


  • They normally walk when you move, but when you press the space bar while moving, the Ultimate Dragon flies.
  • They are the largest animal of Jamaa
  • Its tail is long