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The Toucan is a members only flying animal in the Diamond Shop for 10 diamonds. Their species will be the toco toucan. They will be the third bird in Jamaa.

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When first bought, they will be blue grey for its body for color 1 and white for it's belly, feet, and tail feathers for color 2. Their eye color will be light blue with the shape of round eyes. They cannot be changeable of their beak color so their beak color is orange with a black tip at the end. Their body size will be medium like the eagle. Their beak will be long, and big.


Dance: They grab a thick leafy skirt and a ukulele and does a hula while playing the ukulele.

Play: It flies while kicking in the air.

Hop: They hop higher than owls with wings going behind back.

Sleep: They sleep on ground with head on rock with feathers on belly.

Sit: They sit on the ground like its on a chair.


  • They have a counterpart.
  • They are the second largest bird in Jamaa, making the owl the smallest for now.