Tiger Armor is a set of armor that will be available in the Diamond Shop

The Tiger Armor will be themed after Tigers. It will have the tiger stripes on everything. 


A piece of orange-and-black string with a tooth at the end. Cost: one diamond. Is for every jammer.


It starts out looking like a boot, coming from the elbow of the animal. Then it melts into a sort of sandal, with numerous strands of orange-and-black leather zig-zagging across the foot/paw. It will have stygian black claws at the end. In adventures ( such as when breaking phantom webs/pods) it will be the third most powerful. Cost: Two diamonds. Members-only. 


Kind of like a mask, with the face of a tiger on top of the head. It has narrow, ruby-red eyes and saber-tooth fangs that come down at the end of the face. Below, it seems to be held on by a strap that runs under the chin. Cost: Two Diamonds. Members-only.


Looks like regular tail armor, but a bit skinnier and longer. It is also orange-and-black. Cost: One diamond. Is for every jammer. 


It looks like a huge vest with holes shaped like three claw marks. It is also orange-and-black, but the black stripes are lightning patterns. Cost: Four diamonds. Members-only. 

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