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The Spirit Heartstone is the mystic heartstone for the spirit element and mother/father of all the other mystic heartstones.


The Spirit Heartstone is a crystalized heart that flashes a spectrum of the rainbow in a slow paste. It would be wield by a large stalagmite and stalactite.



Being the mother/father of the mystic heartstones, it was the first heartstone to be created Zios' world. Thus, being the first element to exist in King Inferno's name. When King Inferno and the first existing mystic animals recovered it, they decided to take it to an underground cave down below, now becoming The Core because it consists of the energy in Divinia. Without it however, their energy would go unstable. It's also possible that this heartstone will create other mystic heartstones every 1 decade to 10 generations. However, not all the results are perfect. Any mystic heartstone that doesn't wield a stable power is called an Unstable Element.


According to the legend, there were four entities known as The Four Spirits. They were known to protect the heart from their mortal enemies, the shadows, and their new enemy since meeting the alphas, the phantoms. They were all based off of the four basic elements: fire, water, earth, and wind.


  • You can find this in The Core.
  • There's a miniature item version, known as the Pet Spirit Heartstone.
  • Leah, an NPC in Sarepia Forest, believes that the Crystal-element heartstone rumored to be at the bottom of Eskimo Seas is an unstable element.