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This is Part 10 of a long list of Updates I want for Animal Jam.


Throughout the 3 weeks, in each update, a SECRET SHOP was added into the game, only in the Switch Version, Until this Update, where all of them have been added into the PC Version. There is a Secret Shop in each land in the game, except Bahari Bay, Kani Cove, and Crystal Reef. The Announcement would Release on the Saturday after the Jammerpocolypse Demo.

A Secret Shop has items based on Nintendo Property, with the exception of the first shop. (We'll get to that later.) It has a stone statue of Mysterious Characters in different poses according to the Property in the center of the room an a giant stone pedestal.

A Secret shop usually has: 12 Clothing items, 2 Sets of 5 Special Armor Pieces, and 2 Weapon Items. Along with 12 Den Items, and 12 Purchasable Music Tracks, (First is the exception) all of which relating to the respective Nintendo Property.

The First Shop is the Jamma Secrets Shop, Which released with Weapons Plus. This is the only shop not relating to a Nintendo Property, as it is based on Animal Jam itself.

The Shop is Found by going under the Alpha Headquarters, via the river.

The Shop has a Statue of the Mysterious Warrior Wielding an Alpha Sword, and wearing Alpha Armor, while preforming a Spin-Attack on 3 Phantoms.

Clothing Items:

-Alpha Armor Replica Set Similar to actual Alpha Armor, but it has a White and Light Gray color scheme, instead of the actual Alpha Armor's Light Blue and Cerulean color scheme. This set includes an Alpha Sword Replica, sharing the color scheme of the Replica set. The Sword only does 25 Damage instead of 1-Hit KOs. The Set only has one Color, and Cost the same amount of diamonds as Alpha HQ Armor. The Sword costs 4 Diamonds, and has no special effect, outside of having the same animation as the regular Alpha Sword.

-Mecha Armor Set This set is Based on the Unreleased Wolf Mecha Den Items. It is metallic in design, and comes in Blue, Red, Light Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink, and White. These change the light color coming from markings on the armor. It costs the same as the Alpha Armor Replica Set. This set includes the Mecha Sword, resembling a Katana, it has Glowing markings throughout the Sword's blade, and parts of the hilt. It comes in the same colors as the armor. and costs 3 Diamonds. The Sword Does 40 Damage, and will shoot off a laser beam after attacking.

Den Items: WIP

Available Music:

-Juice Hut Jam (Juice Hut Music) Cost: 300 Gems

-Hot Cocoa Chorus (Hot Cocoa Hut Music) Cost: 300 Gems

-Art Studio Serenade (Art Studio Music) Cost: 300 Gems

-Stargazing Mysteries (Mystery Emporium Music) Cost: 300 Gems

-Bitter Sweets Collection (All Tracks from Bitter Sweets) Cost: 5 Diamonds

-Present Pandemonium (Jamaaliday Rescue Music) Cost: 1 Diamond

-The Adventure Begins Collection (Training Grounds, ROTP, Bunny Burrow, The Phantom Portal, Portal Cave, Meet Cosmo Overworld.) Cost: 5 Diamonds

-In the Darkness (Hive Music) Cost: 1 Diamond

-Inferno Collection (Greely's Inferno Mountain Climb, Inside the Volcano, Volcano King Theme, Volcano Aftermath, The Phantom Vortex, Vortex Kings.) Cost: 5 Diamonds

-The Phantom Badlands (Phantom Badlands Music) Cost: 1 Diamond

-Ancients Collection (Trail Grounds, Glow Moth Melody, Ancient City Ruins, River Escort, Ambush!) Cost: 5 Diamonds

-Adventure Complete! (Adventure End Portal Music) Cost: 1 Diamond

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