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The Return of Juno is a level 8, non-member adventure that takes place after Flying Beyond Jamaa and The New Age, where Juno returns to his normal state by the shadow mages.


The banner shows Juno, half statue, half animal form, with a bunch of animals, watching with surprised faces.


The player is first taken to the Temple of the Ancients, in front of Juno. A purple and light blue Anteater, the alphas, and some other jammers are there too. The alphas tell the player that they called him/her here because the Juno statue is starting to tear apart. Just then, a cutscene triggers where the statue shines a red and yellow light, revealing Juno.

The alphas and the anteater, which is revealed to be Ethan the Detective, are surprised. Juno then tells them and the player that the phantom war is coming. A cutscene triggers with the player's animal, the alphas, Ethan, and the other jammers coming outside. A swarm of phantoms then invade the land and put everyone into deep sleep, including the player.

The screen fades to black, then the player is teleported in a prison cell with Goul, the ghost-element animal from the Wildflower Squad. He tells the player that he knows a way to escape. He then shows you the path where you and him would escape.

After freeing all the alphas (yes, including the minor ones) and NPCs, a light-blue owl comes up to the player and reveals herself to be Hope, the Great Horned Owl Alpha. She then tells Juno, Amelia, Atlas, and the other minor alphas' stories. She then tells the player to lead the way out.

After a few puzzles and battles, a cutscene triggers where the player, Ethan, and the others leave the Phantom Wastelands. The player is then greeted with Juno, thanking him/her for rescuing him and the others, and the adventure ends.


Prize Easy Mode Hard Mode Alpha Camp
Top Left Juno Tiki Statue Juno Plushie 10 rubies
Top Center 700 Gems Temple of the Ancients (music) Direwolf Statue
Top Right Hope's Rain Necklace Ancient Sofa Juno's Frame
Bottom Left 500 gems Ancient Wardrobe Sabertooth Statue
Bottom Right Juno Balloon Juno's Wall Art 5 rubies


  • This is the first adventure appearance for Juno and Hope.
  • This is the first adventure to have a masterpiece frame and music item as a prize.
  • This is Taz's first minor adventure appearance.
  • If you head out without talking to the alphas, the phantom invasion cutscene still triggers, but Graham is concerned about it.