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The Phantom Runaway is an adventure that will be introduced on November 6, 2018. It is members only but will change to non-members on November 10, 2018. The hard mode will be released on November 19. Jammers must be Level 1 to play Normal and 3 to play Hard. The goal is to escape from the Phantom Cave and kill Phantoms. It is kinda like Return of the Phantoms.


  1. Greely will appear and start the quest, telling that he needs the player's help to get rid of the Phantoms and save themselves.
  2. After talking to Greely, a few other wolves will appear; Suzzi, Maya, Brono and Elizabeth. Only Elizabeth will trigger the next part. She will give the player a cork and they have to plug the Phantom Pipe.
  3. After plugging the pipe, the player will easily find more Phantom Pipes, but watch out; there will be a few Phantoms on the way. It is going to be even harder on Hard Mode: there will be more Phantoms and the Phantom Pipes will be much harder to find.
  4. Once the player has plugged all the others, they will have to water plants. The player can access 5 treasures (All reward 150 gems on Normal and 200 on hard) and Oreo, the fifth NPC.
  5. After watering the plants, a gate will open. They will have to find Little and Tiny. Talking to Little will give a key to free one of the wolves.
  6. The player will have to find more of the trapped wolves, which have been separated by the Phantoms to make it less easier for the players. Each cage will have a Phantom guarding it, as the Player must use a chomper plant (they are all surrounding the well, in the middle) to kill it.
  7. Once the wolves have been released, there is one thing left to do. The player must escape from the cave. There will be Boomseeds, Chomper Plants and Phantoms along the way. There are no Boomseeds and there will be less Chomper Plants on Hard.
  8. After escaping, Liza will appear and reward the Player with a choice of five chests with different prizes.


Top Left Chest - Stone Wolf Fence | Hard - Random Rare

Top Center Chest - Greely Statue | Hard - Random Rare

Top Right Chest - Wolf Circle | Hard - Random Rare

Bottom Left Chest - 500 Gems | Hard - Good Item, possibly a beta/spike

Bottom Right Chest - Greely Painting | Hard - Good Item, possibly a beta/spike

Animal Passage

The only Passages in this Adventure is the Wolves-only gate and the Arctic Wolves-only gate. The Wolf passage is on the left near the exit, while the Arctic Wolf passage is on the right near the exit. The passages switch places on Hard. These passages' prizes are:

Wolf Passage

Wolf Plushie

Wolf Topiary

Wolf Sconce

Wolf Firework

Wolf Totem

Wolf Mannequin

Arctic Wolf Passage

Arctic Wolf Plushie

Arctic Wolf Mecha

Arctic Wolf Mannequin

Pet Arctic Wolf (appearance and name of your choice)

Arctic Wolf Banner


  • There is a hidden chest that rewards 1000 Gems in this Adventure. It is found near the entrance of the adventure, in a secret spot guarded by pillars.
  • On November 16, 2018, a shop named 'Runaway Shop' would be released near the end of this adventure, making it the first adventure with a shop. It would only have Wolf-related items and also Phantom items.
  • The Arctic Wolves passage could be also unlocked with Snowflake Arctic Wolves.
  • There is a myth called 'Unreleased Items!' in which trying to talk back to Greely at the start of the adventure after reading his all of his messages, at the end of the adventure, Liza would reward you unreleased items. However, this is not true.
  • The amount of Gems Liza would give would decrease every hour to 100 by 100s, then increase back to 500 still by 100s.
  • Suzzi would warn about the Phantoms ahead.


  • To avoid using too many chomper plants and/or Boomseeds, try to avoid as many Phantoms as possible without using them. Check Tip 5 for a bit more!
  • There are many gem-giving chests in this adventure. There are six in total. The first one is when you enter the Phantom Cave, where the adventure starts, on the right, giving 50 gems (100 on Hard). The next is near Suzzi; it is next to her giving 200 gems on Normal and 400 on hard. The third is located near a random Phantom Pipe, depending on where you come from, giving 50 gems. <-- Another is located here (in which I mean but a different spot), awarding 100 gems and 200 on hard. Next is you know--the hidden chest. (read the first one in Trivia) The last chest is in the center of the cave when you finish plugging the pipes, which is guarded by a Phantom. There 2-4 more chests in Hard Mode.
  • *Players need to do Hard Mode many times in order to earn those items that haven't been back in stores for a long period of time. Remember; it takes patience.
  • 400 gems is the total of gems on Normal (in which you found, not like the chests Liza gives).
  • There is a timer. Be warned and here is a true myth: Trap less Phantoms as you can to save time!
  • On hard, the corks are also spread in many different places.
  • If you count the Hidden Chest and the 400 gems, it would be 1400 gems (I guess this isn't needed if you know 400 + 1000, just don't want you to use your brain/calculator again in case)