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The new Diamond Shop, still titled Diamond Shop, is an expanded version of the Diamond Shop. As no construction of this expansion is seen in-game prior to its release, it can be assumed that it was built during Animal Jam's downtime for updates.

Outer Structure

The Diamond Shop appears to have grown a little taller. However, flying animals can still go on top and have their nametags reached from that height.

The golden flowers and diamond banners have lengthened to accommodate the new height. The red flag on top now sports three diamonds in a row.

The surrounding landscape is unchanged, with the exception of the trees, which are higher and have sprouted small diamonds.


First Floor

The first floor resembles the original Diamond Shop. However, the phonograph that originally sold music is no longer on this floor. The location of the phonograph is replaced with crystal spiral stairs, leading to the second floor.

Second Floor

The second floor does not play Mystical Morning. The track is replaced with a new tune called Mystical Midnight, which features some flute in place of certain instruments. Light pours into the shop through diamond windows, which seem to resemble the diamonds on the outside of the shop. The phonograph shop appears in this upstairs area, next to the way down from the second floor.

There is also a crystal heron statue in the center. However, it is shorter than the arctic wolf statue on the first floor and merely changes color when clicked instead of bringing up a shop. There are also diamonds on the floor around the heron, which individually change colors if they are danced upon.

The clothing and items available are different from the first floor and are focused more around astronomy and gemstones. A pedestal resembling the one for armor is also present. It displays a tiger with a purple pattern. When clicked, it will open a shop that sells colors and patterns for animals, priced at 1 diamond per item. There is also a scale on the second floor.

Embedded in the north wall (facing straight) is a claw machine that resembles the purchasable ones with Diamond animal plushies. It can be played for 5 gems a turn as usual. The plushie type available in this claw changes every week.

Other Added Features

  • Mystical Midnight locked into the selection of tracks that are available year-round.
  • The scale for the diamond exchange now allows Jammers to buy a diamond for 2,000 gems.