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The New Age is a level 8 non members adventure, to introduce the deeper lore within the Mystic Animals and Shadows. The banner for this adventure is a raccoon, penguin, and arctic wolf, facing six mystic animals with a fire element, water element, sky element, color element, earth element, and ghost element.


You are first taken in the Alpha Headquarters, with jammers, searching for something. Most of them say that the alphas have disappeared, for some reason. Walking to the crystals will trigger a short cutscene of the crystals, with the two missing gem slots.

You then have to tell Detective O, a yellow and red raccoon about the missing gem slots. He says that there might be more gems that we didn't discover yet, and gives you an objective to both search for the alphas and two different gems along the way.

You are then transported to a cave, where you fend off some wandering phantoms, and explore until you find a gate. It's locked, so you have to do a certain code.

There are stones around the area. The code is: evil emote, laugh emote, hop action, and then goodbye bubble message.

After doing the code, you are taken to a temple with the alphas, trapped in crystals. A cutscene then triggers where a black lion appears and roars.

You then have a boss battle with the lion. Just like the phantom kings, you have to use boomseeds to defeat them. To use them on the beast, let them dash attack you towards a wall. Dodge, and they will get stunned. However, after two hits, the lion changes to a snow leopard, to an arctic wolf, to a fox, to a wolf, and to a bunny. Each form has its unique attack and takes 2 hits to defeat. After hitting the bunny 2 times, it turns into its normal form, as a shadow. The shadow then flees, and the alphas are freed.

The alphas teleport to another area. When you head to the path on the top left corner, you'll find the alphas here. The alphas thank you for rescuing them, and then the six mystic animals from the banner appear, with one of them holding a gem. They thank you too, for defeating one of the shadow generals and tell them that the shadow that the player was fighting, had guarded a mystic heartstone, containing all the luck power inside. They also remind you that it's a Luck Heartstone, and the adventure ends.


Prize Easy Mode Hard Mode Alpha Camp
Top Left 100 gems Luck Heartstone 5 rubies
Top Center Shadow Helmet Shadow Gauntlets Shadow Wolf Statue
Top Right Evil Emote Stone Shadow Armor Shadow Arctic Wolf Statue
Bottom Left Shadow Lion Statue
Bottom Right 1 Diamond Shadow Orb Shadow Tail Armor

Trivia / Other Info

  • This is set after the adventure, 'Lines of Power.'
  • This is the first appearance of a shadow creature.
  • After a week from the adventure's release, the luck heartstone is in a missing gem slot, with only one missing gem left. Its description states: 'This is a mystic heartstone, controlling the abilities of luck-element animals. It was took from a shadow general, but six mystic animals took it back! What a team!'
  • This is the first boss that's not a phantom king.