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The Comet is a fan-based adventure. It would come after The Dark Forest, Part 2. It would require level 12 and would also be members-only.



The adventure takes place shortly after The Dark Forest was blown out of existence. The Player, Cosmo, Sir Gilbert, Broken Stars, and Blue are sitting on some benches in Sarepia Forest trying to figure out what happened.

Broken Stars looks up despite his recent battle having made him blind.

"I just remembered something. I think I know what was able to destroy The Dark Forest. It is probably going to attempt to destroy Jamaa next."

Sir Gilbert looks up.

"Tell us."

Broken Stars holds back an angry glare.

"Why should I? You and Cosmo aren't the warm-hearted animals everyone else thinks you are. I nearly died and what did you do to help me? Nothing. It was Blue who saved my life. And why was that? Was it because I'm a Phantom? I can't believe anyone in Jamaa looks up to you, stereotypical dark-hearted Alphas.

Even so, I will tell you. Before you came into existence, Sir Gilbert, as Zios was creating Jamaa, there had to be a balance. So a dark creature named Master of the Comet came into existence as the mortal enemy of Zios. The Master of the Comet did something to Zios... I'm not sure what. And Mira's tears became the Phantoms. He is responsible for all this trouble you believe is my fault."

Sir Gilbert stays in his position.

"What is the Comet?"

Broken Stars shrugs.

"I don't know. I imagine it's the Master's hideaway. If all this trouble is to end, we have to go there and stop him."