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Tanukis are a member animal for 5 diamonds. They were first part of a membership bundle known as, "Silly Creeks." They were then added in the diamond shop on Thursday in the same week.


Body Shape

Its appearance is a striking resemblance to a raccoon's, with its stripes, fluffy fur, eye markings, and a furry tail.

Default Colors

Its default have light orange fur (color 1), a light brown underbelly (color 2), orange eyes, and dark blue stripes (unique pattern).


Walk - With a small grin, the tanuki hops on its left front and hind legs, and then the right, then repeats.

Dance - It shakes its body back and forth, waving Japanese fans. Its tails swings round and round.

Play - A ball appears. The tanuki takes out and puts on a jester hat. It jumps on the ball, tries to balance, but falls, and then the action repeats.

Hop - It crouches down, then leaps into the air with a high jump. As it reaches ground, it falls on its hind legs, standing up. Then the action repeats.

Sleep - Laying on its sides, the raccoon dog's tail would be resting upward, and its arms would be holding a thin stick.

Sit - It would be cross-legged, with its palms touching each other.


  • Despite having a similar appearance to a Raccoon, Badger, and Skunk, it's actually a separate species of its own.
  • One of the Four Spirits is a tanuki.
  • This is the 9th animal that can enter the Mystical Party, as the critter is part of Japanese mythology. The others are wolves, foxes, horses, eagles, monkeys, lions, crocodiles, and turtles.
  • They have their own short film, known as "Raccoon or Dog?."