The Spring Small House is a non-member land den, costing 1,000 gems. It is sold at the Den Shop.


A concept layout of the den. Picture borrowed from the AJ wiki, Wildworks for the art.


It takes a similar form of the small house, but the rooftop is pastel pink, there is a stone path, circling a flower bed. On the left top side, there are a garden of flowers and plants with a white fence in the background. There are also flower beds on the side of the house outside and around the stone path on the bottom right.


  • This is based off of the Small House.
  • This is the fifth nonmember den. The others were the Small House, Sunken Ship, Fall Small House, and the Winter Small House.
  • This uses the same appearance as YardGarden, but the roof color is different.
  • There is a scrapped variant of the garden for the castle den, also known as YardCastleGarden.
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