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Spirit Groves is a mystical forest area located in Divinia and is known for its great glowing plants and vegetation.


The Spirit Grove contains loads of lush trees growing on thin grasses with fireflies circling around them as an aura of blue mist flies through the land. In the center lies the Tree of Fortune and a few ponds of water here and there. A path leads to the Enchanted Meadows and Timber Mountain from the other direction.


Tree of Fortune - A tall, spiritual Lunar Tree with a few purestones and fruits growing out of the leaves. Newborn mystic animals gain their element from here.

Woodland's Shack - A large manor owned by Brussel that acts as a hotel and cinema where jammers can watch made up or parody trailers, shorts, and commericals.

Shady Lake - A small pond located on the bottom right side of the land with a rocky ledge and crystalized statue of Hope emerging out of the waters.

Journey Book

Tree of Fortune - Found in the center of the land. Fact says that this is where newborn mystic animals earn their element a week after they are born and considered the first Lunar Tree of existence.

Toadstool - Found near a tree with a red, white-spotted cover that makes it stand out. Fact includes its posion that is effective on its enemies, the "cover" is called a cap, and mushrooms having about 36,000 genders.

Cardinal - Flies onto a tree's branch but is soon startled by the rustling of bushes and flies away. It is said that they are extremely attracted to bird houses and they are great tune singers, but the female sings a more complex and longer song.

Black Bear: Pops out of a pile of bushes, sniffs on the ground, and goes back in the bushes. They are very great at tree climbing and eat a variety of foods, including carrion and insects.

Barn Owl: Peeks out of a tree, spins its head around, and faints off-screen. Very distributed all throughout the world with the exception of Polar and Desert regions, plus specializes in hunting small animals.

Red-Eyed Tree Frog: Hops onto a leaf from a tree, slides down the roof of Woodland's Shack, and hops away slowly. It is believed that the bright scheme of color helps shock predators into questioning meal choice and have suction pads on their toes that help them stick to things.

Tortoise: Walks slowly throughout the map in a straight line from the left until it hides into the bushes. They have a very hard shell that is actually part of their body and protects them from predators and other threats

The award for completing this page of the Journey Book rewards the player a Worn Forest Cloak.