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The Soda Splash Bundle is a set of den and clothing items along with the Pet Jellyfish that are rewarded as promotional gifts when Membership is bought from the Animal Jam Website during the month of June.


The Soda Splash Bundle includes an exclusive soda armor set, a Pet Jellyfish, the Sandcastle den, exclusive den items, and a Jellyfish.

Clothing Items

Soda Helmet

A see-through helmet containing dark brown soda. On the front of it is a long soda cap, vaguely resembling a feather.

Soda Amulet

A tiny red soda can with a white paw on it that's strung on several dark brown plastic beads, which resemble bubbles.

Soda Armor

A see-through chestplate containing dark brown soda. Running down the back of it are red soda caps with white paw symbols on them. One of the soda caps is missing, allowing wings made of brown soda to emerge from the armor.

Soda Flippers

A pair of see-through flippers containing dark brown soda, with the "webbing" being pure soda.

Soda Tail Armor

A see-through armor piece containing dark brown soda, shaped like a fish's tail.

Den Items

Soda Seat

A stout, red soda can held up by four soda caps to resemble a stool.

Soda Sofa

A see-through couch containing dark brown soda, with two cushions on it that resemble soda cans.

Soda Table

A large soda can used like a table.

Soda Lamp

A see-through base containing dark brown soda, with a plastic cup for a lampshade.

Soda Snacks

A few glass cups containg dark brown soda.


  • Unlike other armor sets, the Soda Armor Set can only be worn underwater.