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The snake is a fan made animal that costs 10 diamonds in the diamond shop. This is for members.


  • The snake came out all from the snake balloon hat.
  • The snake has a pet, the pet snake!
  • The snake is the first limbless animal.
  • This is the 3rd reptile, the others being The sea turtle and the Crocodile.
  • When you buy the snake, the colors will be pale green for its body for color 1 and for color 2 will be tan on its belly.
  • when wearing wand or tail items, they will appear on the end of their tail, like a rattlesnake.


Dance: moves from side to side, like what they do when snake charmers play their flutes.

Play: Sheds its skin then it disappears.


Hop: makes its body like a spring and bounces

Sleep: curls up like a coil and sleeps in it.

Sit: has the end of its tail curved