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You can find the Snack bar in the Underground town. You can access the Smoothie Machine, which has the same flavors as Captain Melville's Juice Hut, you can also access the Popcorn Machine, Cotton Candy Machine, the Candy Catch game from the summer carnival, only it doesn't give out any prizes and it is short, it only gives out hold-able candy icons. You can also access The Claw, and another new game called Food Tower. It also has a game called Treasure Finder.


The walls and floor are a dark brown dirt color, with a few glowing mushrooms of various colors, sizes, and shapes in the background. There are a few picnic tables in the foreground, that you can go in front of in some places and behind in others. In the right corner is the game Treasure Finder. On the almost all of the left side of the screen is the snack bar. On the far left is the Juice Machine, next to it is the Food Tower game, next is the cotton candy, and next to that is the popcorn machine. Under the red counter is shelves of candy bars, with the game icon for Candy Catch in the middle. Next to the door on the right is The Claw.


  • There is a glitch where a red round rug appears by the door.
  • You can see crystals outside the door, but there are no crystals matching the placement of these.
  • In the first release of this room, there were Lunch Trays on the tables, but this was removed a month later.
  • There is sometimes a random glass of water on one of the tables, and if you click it, a "treasure found" screen pops up, and you can get this item free.