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Skyjumper Dragon

The Skyjumper dragon is a members-only diamond-shop animal costing 20 diamonds.

They can fly or be on land - there is a toggle option in the switch animals tab in the bottom left hand corner of the dragon's box. 


The Skyjumper dragon looks very lean and small, around the size of a cheetah. it has shorter legs than average and a long tail with big flight fins on it. It has very big wings and looks sort of like the Mechanical Dragon den item, but rounder.

It's default appearance is light blue for colour 1 and white for colour two. It has it's own special pattern.

Colour one is the top part of the dragon, from the forhead covering the back, legs and tail. Colour two goes on the face, belly and neck.



The Dragon sits upright, wings stretching out behind them, sort of like the snow leopard.


The Dragon curls up, wings loosely folded around themself, tail swaying slowly.


The Dragon leaps into the air very high up and wings flap.


The Dragon leaps into the sky and spins around, then flares it's wings out, lands, sways.


The Dragon flies up and around and around and then goes really fast, a bit like the Swirl action for an underwater animal.