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( Originally added by Mirlandas. Re-added by TheBubbleFox, due to being in a member bundle. )The Skunk is a member animal that can only be obtained by purchasing a membership during the month of march 2019. They are skinny and fluffy with a big tail.


Animal jam skunk by animaljamlover13-d8uaxfh.jpg

When you first get the skunk, It will have dark blue colored eyes and a red shade on its nose. It has a big fluffy tail and small paws. It also has these colors:

Color 1 (body): Black.

Color 2 (stripe): White.


  • The skunk is small but has a longer body than the otter because it does not have an arched back.
  • This is the first animal that was in the journal guide.
  • They have an Alpha named Stripe.


Dance: They dance like it's holding a microphone and dances like a singer.

Play: Skunk gets scared then sprays.

Sleep: Tail covers eyes like a sleep mask while sleeping.

Hop: It hops fast like its scared.

Sit: Sits with tail fluffed up high and paws on ground and feet on ground to.