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The Sheep-Only Party it's a party that only sheep and goats can go. It is based of a Friendship Cottage, but instead of the Friendship Cottage be friendship-themed, it is sheep-themed.

How it is

It have a sheep statue using headphones with a "Sale" plaque that when clicked, it will appear a shop selling the same music that is playing, called "Sheep Theme".

Each floor have random sheep decoration, and some are sheep decorations from "The Phantom Fortress" adventure, while the other decorations are the same selling on the shop.

Items on shop

  • Sheep Statue (Members only, 550 gems)
  • Sheep TV (Members only, 400 gems)
  • Sheep Rug (Non-members, 250 gems)
  • Sheep Wall Decoration (Non-members, 650 gems)
  • Sheep Floor (Members only, 400 gems)
  • Sheep Wall (Members only, 400 gems)
  • Sheep portrait (Non-members, 150 gems)