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Shadows are new enemies and antagonists that want to wipe out the animal race for unknown purpose and are enemies towards the mystic animals, ever since they discovered about them.


Their normal form is a black form of gas with a dark-purple or crimson aura. They usually have yellow, evil eyes. They can also change their form into anything: a creature, plant, or item. This is useful for sneaking into Jamaa, as there are a few fully black jammers in Jamaa, so they don't have to worry about being a bit 'different.'



They shapeshift into a certain animal just to attack. Just like phantoms, you can defeat them by using boomseeds, but you need to do it two times if they're in animal form.


They are in control of the shadow armies, and are much bigger in size. They take about 8 hits to defeat.


These shadows wear a Robin Hood hat and a quiver, carrying arrows. They carry bows, and their arrows set a problem to whoever they strike.


These types can't shapeshift and are a certain animal with an extra head. Each head has a different personality, but they are sometimes the ones to cause problems in the world, which can explain their name.



Not much is known about the shadows' origin, but it's rumored that they came from problems around the world. The type of problem they came from, effects their personality. For example, a shadow from a problem that revolves around jammers being enemies, might not be good with others and is pretty mean.


They have a certain goal: To wipe out the animal kingdom and claim the animals' claimed lands as theirs. Nobody knows why, but they do. However, some shadows want to spread problems that they came from. For example, a shadow from a problem revolving around littering, they will throw garbage everywhere they go.


  • Their first adventure appearance was in 'The New Age,' as being one of the generals.
  • The Hunter's name references how hunters hunt animals, which is exact to their main goal.
  • They have a king named Emperor Darkeye, but his queen is unknown.