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This is Part 3 of The Secret Shops Reveal Update, the 10th Update I want for Animal Jam.

The Third Shop is the Hylian Legends Shop. It would come out with Plushies Plus . It is based on the Legend of Zelda Franchise.

The shop can be found by going to Sarepia Forest, and going to the tree where the Adventure Command Postonce was. Click on the tree 3 times, and the bark will fall off, revealing the entrance.

The Shop is located in the abandoned Adventure Command Post, with all of the portals crumbled, and spiderwebs throughout. Where Sir Gilbert's Battle Plans were, a giant stone statue of a Tetrahedron Stands with a The Mysterious Warrior Coming out of the top triangle, wielding Katanas parallel to the tetrahedron's sides. The Mysterious Hero is coming out of the bottom right triangle cybernetic weapon in hand. Finally, the Mysterious Maiden coming out of the bottom-left triangle, with her massive claws extruded.

Clothing Items:

-Courageous Hero's Set: This set is based off of the look of the main hero, Link. The set contains The Courageous Hero's Hat, Courageous Hero's Pendant, Courageous Hero's Tunic, Courageous Hero's Boots, and the Courageous Hero's Tail Armor. The set comes in 6 colors, Green, Blue, Red, Purple, Black, and White. The set's Weapon is The Master Sword. It costs 5 Diamonds, and Does 50 Damage, The most out of every other (Non-Alpha) Sword in the game. It also does double damage if at full health. (That's 100 HP!)

Other Set WIP

Den Items: WIP

Available Music:

-8-Bit Exploration (Legend Of Zelda Overworld Theme (1986)) Cost: 500

-Village Verse (Kakariko Village Theme (LOZ: Link To The Past (1991))) Cost: 600

-Ocarina Melody (LOZ: OOT Title Theme (1998)) Cost: 800 Gems

-Clock Town Carol (LOZ: Majora's Mask Title Theme (2000)) Cost: 800 Gems

-Outset Island Aria (Outset Island Theme (LOZ: Windwaker (2002)(Remixed from Windwaker HD (2013))) Cost: 700 Gems

-Ballad of the Goddess (LOZ: Skyward Sword (2011)) Cost: 1000 Gems

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