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Seals-Only Party

The seals-only party takes place in an expanded Snow Fort. It is a party available for all jammers.

When you first walk in, there is a statue of Harper, the Seal Alpha. Unlike the normal one sold in the Mystery Emporium, it has wilted vines and frost flakes on it, so it appears old. There is a patch of Melted Ice to the far right.

There is a hot-cocoa machine on the second floor, along with a Seal Claw. There is an area where you can freeze yourself as well. A metal slide covered in water and ice slides down to the outside.

Outside there is a small swimming pool, about the size of three Jammers. In the corner is the shop, selling:


Harp Seal T-shirt (members) 500 gems

Fish Hat (all jammers, animated) 350 gems

Harbor Seal Innertube (members) 200 gems

Fluffy Shoes (all jammers) 600 gems

Narwhal Horn (members) 150 gems

Beach Ball (worn on the nose, head item) (members) 250 gems


Snowy Flower (all jammers) 100 gems

Seal Flag Banner (all jammers) 300 gems

Arctic Cliff (members) 500 gems


There is a winter coat rack you can click on to get a bag labeled "Blubber" floating next to you.