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Seal Streets is a game that can be played in Snow Glacier of Divinia. It is based off of the game, "Crossy Road."


The pop-up picture looks like a white seal running from a penguin, while attempting to dodge the herds of walruses and the ice breaking apart. The seal's face looks scared, and the penguin's has their eyes points down with a smile and their tongue sticking out, while holding a pack of fish.

Playable Characters

Seal - 1st Player

Penguin - 2nd Player


You play as a blue penguin or white seal, depending on what mode you play in. You have to cross the landscape while not to get hit by the obstacles, such as walruses and ice breaking apart, becoming little icebergs. You go through different landscapes of Divinia, first starting with Snow Glacier. Similar to how Long Shot functions, every 15 points will result in a different, much harder area. The other lands would be Eskimo Seas, Marine Town, Enchanted Meadows, and Spirit Grove.


There are 12 achievements for this game so far.

On Your Own - Go 5 miles.

Stealthy Feet! - Go 10 miles.

Better Together! - Go 5 miles in Multiplayer.

Crossy Critters - Go 10 miles in Multiplayer.

Bet You Can't Catch Me! - Go 10 miles faster than your partner in Multiplayer.

Just Keep Swimming - Go past Snow Glacier and onto Spirit Grove.

Warmer, Warmer! - Go past Eskimo Seas and onto Marine Town.

Farmland Life - Go past Marine Town and onto Enchanted Meadows.

Magical! - Go past Enchanted Meadows and onto Spirit Grove.

Crossy Champ! - Go past Spirit Grove and complete the game.

We Did It! - Go past Spirit Grove and complete the game in Multiplayer.

Faster than You - Go past Spirit Grove and before your partner in Multiplayer.


  • This is based off of the game, "Crossy Road."
  • For completing the game and passing all the stages, the player will receive either receive a Rare Doe Plushie for Singleplayer.
  • The prizes are different for both 2nd and 1st player in Multiplayer. 1st Player receives a Seal Mask and the 2nd player receives a Penguin Mask.
  • The achievement, "Just Keep Swimming" is a reference to Finding Dory.