Savour Treehouse is a bamboo treehouse in the Forgotten Valley. It is bigger on the inside.

Savour Treehouse

Floor 1

It is a big bamboo storefront with colorful portraits and windows. The sale sells den items. It is titled Savour Furnishings.

Den Items

  • Jamaa Harmony Wallpaper (NONMEMBER WALLPAPER YAY!)
  • Jamaa Harmony Lush Carpet (NONMEMBER FLOORPAPER YAY!!!!)
  • Fossil
  • Smoothie Set
  • Pet Ice Cream Shop
  • Waffle Cone
  • Bamboo Lawn Chair
  • Stripes Galore Blanket (You can make it BACON!)
  • Pretty Table
  • Breakfast Plate
  • Tea Set
  • Gamer's Laptop
  • Question Block
  • Banana Stand
  • Pet Racecar Grand Prix
  • Accessory Shelf
  • Colorful Portrait
  • Loom
  • Tennis Ball Machine
  • Den Sweet Den

Floor 2

This floor is like the previous one except with different portraits, windows, and Accessory Shelves. The sale sells clothing items. It is titled Savour Fashion.

Clothing Items

  • Jewel Headband
  • Ponytail
  • Raspberry Jewel
  • Birthstone Necklace (varies by month)
  • Multi-Bracelets
  • Mysterious Cape
  • Bat Mask
  • Submarine Sandwich Hat
  • Gold-Aqua Necklace
  • Sandwich Suit
  • Lettuce Weave Collar
  • Woven Collar
  • Cucumber Goggles
  • Woven T-Shirt
  • Tennis Racket
  • Tennis Outfit
  • Tennis Sweatband
  • Tennis Ball Beads
  • Tennis Ribbon
  • Tennis Ball

Floor 3

This room features portraits on the walls and pillows scattered across the ground. There is a playable Smoothie Machine there also. It is for the purpose of hanging out and it is called Savour Lounge.

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