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The Sasquatch is a members only land animal. Being a cryptid, it's not available from the Diamond Shop and must acquired by going on an adventure while having a membership.

Unlocking and Adventure

To unlock the Sasquatch, the Jammer must go on a membership exclusive Adventure titled "Following my Footprints" that will be hosted by Greely, and a few recurring Alphas.

The case will consist of the Jammer in a boreal forest environment, undergoing an investigation where Greely claims that a mysterious presence from Earth has entered Jamaa and is mysteriously leaving giant footprints, pieces of long hair, boulders and uprooted Phantom-filled chomper plants.

The player will be lead across the mission by the described clues as well as helpful comments and reports from the rest of the Alphas until he/she will eventually end up in a Phantom infested clearing. Like other adventures, the Jammer will have to outwit and trap the Phantoms using chomper plants and tall grass. 

Once they're defeated, a small cutscenes will take place where the Alphas will regroup alongside the Jammer to face off a Phantom King that has appeared before them, seemingly infuriated by the fall of it's comrades. Before both sides strike, several boulders will fly out of nowhere and pelt the Phantom King until it retreats.

Then before the Jammer and the bewildered Alphas, a tribe of multicolored sasquatches will emerge out from the surrounding foliage, lead by they're Alpha, a large dark-cobalt native-american Sasquatch named "Calcaneus". Calcaneus will then announce that they mean no harm and that he and his tribe have retreated to this realm to relieve themselves from constantly being on the run from getting discovered back from they're own world. After a few discussions by the Alphas ( and debates from Greely), they decide to let Calcaneus and his tribe roam Jamaa as long as they bide by the rules and not side with the Phantoms.

Once the adventure ends, the player will receive a playable and customizable Sasquatch.

Default Appearance

The Sasquatch is tall, bipedal and apelike and stands slightly taller than a polar bear (on it's hind legs).

It's default fur color is a charlton brown while it's bald face, ears, torso, abdomen, hands and feet are in default a customizable smokey grey which is the secondary color. The swirls in it's ears are lighter hue and will change into any lighter version of whatever color the bald parts are changed to during customization.


Dance: Does a looped version of a dance similar to one Knuckles, Tails and Sonic does in Sonic Boom ( 4:28 )

Play: Kicks a pinecone and a boulder with both legs at the same time like two hacky sacks.

Sleep: Sleeps curled up sideways on the ground with it's head leaning on elbow.

Hop: While hopping it's arms reach high when up and the hands touch it's knees when down and squatting before the next hop.

Sit: It sits down on the ground with it's legs crossed.


  • The Sasquatch could possibly be the first bipedal mammal in Animal Jam, first ape and second primate after the monkey.
  • They are also known more popularly as a Bigfoot in real life, and can be called that enter changeable in-game.
  • They're Alpha's name "Calcaneus" is derived from a bone beneath the heel of a foot.