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The Sand Cat is a small wild cat that lives in deserts. It can be purchased by all jammers for 5 diamonds.


The sand cat have curved down ears. Its first color is a cream-like tan and the

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Sand cat.jpg

second is a dusty white color. Its pattern is its own exclusive stripes. Its default eyes are the half circles in black. They are similar in size to bunnies.


Sit: Sits with tail curled around itself looking around curiously.

Dance: Does a partnerless square dance while remaining on all four paws

Sleep: Lays down as if it simply flopped over and licks its front paw, which is extended

Hop: Bounces and arches its back upon landing

Play: Catches a small creature that matches its second color, then tosses it in the air, resulting in it falling on the ground, repeating the cycle


  • The Sand Cat alpha is named Dusty.