Saffon is a Black Backed Jackal. He wears bramble on his tail and has a snake skull necklace. He is calm, but he also has a staff he uses to trap phantoms. He knows a lot about Phantoms even more so than Greely. Saffron doesn't know what to think of Greely. Saffron's attitude to jammers is very warm and kind. To a phantom, IT IS THE EXACT OPPOSITE, because his parents were nearly killed by them when he was a pup and they destroyed his homeland. Also, the Phantom King betrayed him and ordered his minions (the phantoms) to kill him. However, Greely was also friends with the phantom king and once he found out, he seriously maimed the phantom king by tearing his head apart causing him to lose his ability to shoot lightning and making him go dizzy when he slams the ground.


  • Saffron is humorous and fun to be around.
  • Despite Saffon being strict, this is only when he is in a adventure.