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The Roadrunner is for all Jammers, and costs 1,000 gems.


The Roadrunner when you first get it has a pointy tan beak. Color 1 is for its body and the feathers on its head and tail, and will be set brown when its first bought. Color 2 is for its belly, and it will be set tan when its first bought. It has round set black eyes. It also has a set pattern, which is the lightning, and the color is tan.


Dance: The Roadrunner's feet stretches out one than the other, and while doing it the Roadrunner's wings go out and in, too.

Play: Roadrunner's feet go fast in a circle as the Roadrunner spins in a circle.

Sleep: Sleeps like a Chicken (in real life) does.

Hop: Hops so it looks like it's running.

Sit: Sits like an Eagle and Owl combined.


  • The Roadrunner is different from the Cheetah.
  • The Roadrunner is the size of an Otter.
  • The Roadrunner can't fly when it walks. Instead they run normally like a Human would do.

Note: I'll be adding a picture soon!