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The Red Panda is member only animal in the gem shop for 1,000 gems. It will be released as a seasonal animal for Earth Day in the gem shop only for Earth Day week/weekend. It leaves the gem shop after the weekend. Red pandas are not pandas, they are like raccoons.



The Red Panda is dark red for color 1 and brown on its paws and eyes for color 2. It has a ringed tail like a raccoon and whiskers like a cat.


Dance: The Red Panda stands on its two back paws and waves front paws back and forth.

Play: The Red Panda feels an itch on its back and tries to reach it.

Hop: Takes off and spins.

Sleep: Sleeps like a bunny but paws tucked in and tail going back in forth.

Sit: Sits with tail high and feet out and paws in.


  • The Red Panda is a seasonal animal for Earth Day and was only in the gem shop for a week.
  • The Red Panda returned to Jamaa afterwards and was for members in the diamond shop for 10 diamonds.