The Rat is an Animal Jam animal that is all member animals in the diamond shop. They cost 8 diamonds. The first time the rat was found was in the Jack-o-latern underwater hat.


When you first get the rat, it is gray blue (like the wolves body when you get it) for color 1, and for color 2 tan for its tail and nose. Its eye colors light green and has black/white whiskers.

Kangaroo mouse animal jam by little rolling bean-d9rpdz0

Is suppose to be a rat. Please enjoy my art work. Is hard to do it online.


Dance: Does The Freddy.

Play: Crumbs appear and rat eats it.

Sleep: Is on left side and is drooling a little.

Hop: Hops like an Eagle but only its arms and paws are up when it hops and its faster.

Sit: Sits like a Fox but its paws are out.


  • The Rat is the second smallest animal. Its the size up to a bunnies face.
  • The Rat first appeared on an item.
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