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The Platypus is a members-only land animal that is sold in the Diamond Shop.


It is an infantile looking platypus with a bill similar to that of a duck's, as well as a tail like that of a beaver's. It has short stubby feet that are somewhat visible.



  • Platypus-underwater-animal-profile-web620.jpg
    Sit: Like a duck.
  • Sleep: sleeps similar to otter.
  • Play: plays with a fish by laying on its back.
  • Dance: In air Hula Dance.
  • Hop: Jumps up when alert.


  • Pose: Faces in selected direction with tail up.
  • Swirl: Curls up and cartwheels around
  • Dive: Turns upside down and plunges downward
  • Play: Lily flower floats in front of it and juggles it. .
  • Dance: Paddles backwards.

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