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The Pigeon would be a 10 diamond flying animal for nonmembers. Their size is about the size of the body of a bunny, but since they are flying their hitbox is of a normal animal.

Pigeons' first color controls their head and upper body, and their second color controls their belly, wings and tail. The legs are always a tan color, and the beak is always dark grey.

Patterns do not color on the legs. Pigeons have a special 'stripe' pattern, similar to the tiger's, which results in a pattern such as the one displayed in the image to the right.


  • Dancing: The pigeon lowers to the ground slowly, spinning, then rises back up without spinning.
  • Sitting: Similar to flying motion, but wings are stiff by the side.
  • Playing: The pigeon picks at the ground on the left side twice, waits, then flips to the right side and does the same.
  • Sleeping: Similar to sitting action, but head is tucked against body.
  • Hopping: The pigeon hops in a similar style to a bunny, but not as high.