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The Pheasant is a members-only land and flying animal available in the diamond shop for 10 diamonds.

Default Appearance

Its tail is long, pointing slightly upwards. It has a longish neck and small head, with medium sized legs. It has stripes on its tail and spots on it's chest and belly. Its primary color is the color of its back and wings, which is set to a pale brown color. Its secondary color is its chest and belly, which is a reddish brown, not available for any other color. Its pattern is unique to it, putting a white stripe around its neck and giving it a blue head. It has round, orange eyes, the pupil perfectly in the center. All the colors can be changed except for its white neck stripe.


Sit- Plops down so you can't see its feet.

Sleep- Similar to sitting, but with its head tucked under its wing.

Hop- Flies forward, lands, and hops back.

Dance- Slowly spins in circles, hopping from one foot to the other, putting one wing up and then the other.

Play- Wiggles its tail and then hops at a seed on the ground, throws it in the air, and catches it in its mouth.


  • It is the first animal to be able to walk and fly.
  • To switch modes, press "1" and "2".
  • It is the most colorful animal in Animal Jam.


As seen in special "Shooting Stars" Day edition.png