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The phantom wild is a year-round adventure for all jammers, and it is also a land.


Across Jamaa's oceans is a land deeply polluted by phantoms, both in land and sea. The land is too polluted for a single mira feather to heal, and is more than just surface deep.

Explore a randomly-generated land, sky, or sea, find secrets, animal passageways, and adventure today!

Base Camp

Base camp consists of a sandy path of phantom pollution along a grassy purple cliff, and a deep purple river. To the right, phantom vines twist along the path to the wild, to the left, phantom sunflowers crowd the path to the Adventure Base Camp. By the river, there is a broken stone shack with a dying potted plant outside and a torn yellow banner that reads "Last Sustainable Den." Under the cliff there are two caves. One is scrawled in phantom script above it and a sale sign outside. This is the Phantom Shop. The other cave says "Phantom Zoo" on a faded wooden board. Up the cliff there are phantom trees, ferns, and vines. At the top is a Wishing Well.

The Wild

You can find phantom wild by clicking the bottom right corner in the extended map. You will end up in the phantom base camp. Go to the left to go to the regular base camp, and to the right to enter the wild.

Before you do though, a screen will pop up if you want land, underwater, or sky. Then you will be taken to a traditional "start adventure" screen. The land image is of a tiger with an explorer hat holding a gem and being chased by a hoard of phantoms. The underwater image is of a default turtle with a surprised expression as it looks at phantom coral blocking its way. The sky image is of a default falcon with a fierce expression on its face as dives, dropping a boomseed on some surprised phantoms.

Then you start the adventure. Its randomly generated from more than a dozen designs, and there are more "rooms" than usual; its not just one room. The only objective is to explore. The adventure has a lot of mini-quests, like in Meet Cosmo.

There are a few habitats:


Snowy Volcano

Lava Volcano


Phantom Forest

Phantom Cliffs






Open Ocean

Deep Depths

Kelp Forest

Mangrove Swamp

Phantom Sea



Forest treetops

Open Sky

Snowy Volcano

Lava Volcano

Phantom Forest Treetops

Phantom Cliffs

Journey Book

The base camp has a journey book that consists of phantom wildlife.

Phantom Vines: To the right, this phantom vine is separated from the rest.

Phantom Fern: The first one on the left to the pathway up the cliff.

Phantom Tree: The last one at the top of the cliff. It is the only one leaning over.

Phantom Sunflower: To the left, and like the phantom vine, this one is also separated from the others.

Proto-Phantom: Frequently looks around nervously above ferns on right side of cliff.

Mini-Phantom: Floats around in trees on the left side of the cliff.

Phantom Pipe: Pours into river on the right side.

Phantom Fruit: Sometimes grows on only one tree that is in the middle of the sunflowers.

Phantom Fish: Click on a net on a dock next to the pipe at the river.

Phantom Bats: Click on the phantom tree with the curled branch-tips.

Prize: Phantom In A Capsule