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The Phantom Daily Spin is a Night of the Phantoms (Halloween) Daily Spin version. The Phantom Daily Spin. It's like the normal Daily Spin, but instead of getting rare and normal items as gifts, you get Halloween (Night of the Phantoms) items. All the gifts you get are for members.

Prizes that you can win

You can win these prizes on the Phantom Daily Spin:



  • Rarely, you can get non-member Night of the Phantoms items on the Phantom Daily Spin or rare prizes like Worn Blankets, Rare Bows and Arrows, Pirate Swords, Rare Fox Hats, and other rare prizes.
  • If you log in when Animal Jam just turned into Night of the Phantoms, the Jamaa "News" will not appear, only the Phantom Daily Spin will appear.
  • If you click on the corner of the Animal Jam's screen 5, 6 or 7 times while the Phantom Daily Spin is on your screen, you can get a random Night of the Phantoms item that you can't get on the Phantom Daily Spin.