Phantom Bush

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This is a variety of phantom that is also in item.


This phantom looks a lot like the phantom vines, except it has no roots attached and all the tendrils are attached to each other at the base of the stem.


When touched, the tendrils whip forward with an attempt to shock an animal. (The item does this when clicked.) This only takes a half of a life, and when a Boomseed is unleashed upon it, this item flashes red with all three of its eyes in a shocked expression, then disappears.

Trivia and other info

  • The item can be found in a chest in Phantom Wild, or earned in The Forgotten Desert.
  • The item is a non-member land item.
  • The item can be recycled for 450 gems.
  • The Phantom Bush is similar to a Phantom Spitter or Phantom Vines.
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