The Pet Spirit Heartstone is a member item received in the hidden shop when clicking the crystal heart in The Core a few times, costing 400 gems.


It appears to be a mini version of The Spirit Heartstone in The Core, with the crystal heart and stalagmites that wield it safe in its hidden forcefield. However, the crystal heart will start out red when you first see it. Clicking the crystal heart will move to the next color of the spectrum, and repeats. It has 5 variants.

Other Variants

Variant One / Default - The stalagmites are grey and the spectrum of the crystal heart is the colors of the rainbow, plus pink.

Variant Two - The stalagmites are brown and the spectrum of the heart is brown and the inverted colors of a rainbow, plus pink.

Variant Three - The stalagmites are tan with cracks and the spectrum of the heart is shades of grey, white, and black.

Variant Four - The stalagmites are red with yellow, shiny pebbles that represent gold and the spectrum of the heart are the colors of the alphas, with their face hiddenly painted.

Variant Five - The stalagmites are dark grey with mud splats on them and the spectrum of the heart are the colors of the elements.


  • Variant Five was originally gonna be a secret.
  • Clicking the crystal heart on Variant Four 20 times, Queen Almai or King Inferno will show up instead of any of the alphas.
  • Mary, an NPC located in Twilight Falls has this item as one of her favorite items, the other being Cami's Frog.
  • Pet Purelings have a chance to have this item as their favorite toy.
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