Pet Chameleons are fanon-made members-only pets. They cost 3 diamonds.

Making a Chameleon

Since chameleons are color changing pets, you can not change their default color (green). However, the stripe and eye colors can be changed. You can change the appearance of their head, stripe and tail. The head can be pointed or flattened. The tail can be curled, straight or pointed upward. The stripe can be a jag across the back, multiple jags across the back, a "blanket" style jag on the back, a straight line across the back, multiple straight lines across the back or a "blanket" pattern on the back.

Chameleons in Action

The chameleon's color will be different based on the color of the animal it is with. Default colored animals will have a special chameleon that will change between the animal's default color and the chameleon's default color (green). To have a natural green chameleon, make your animal green. When clicked, the chameleon will stand on its hind legs and change between several rainbow colors while its pupil spins in a circle. When in water, it will change between its normal color and light blue while slowly paddling. When its owner is dancing it will do the famous Michael Jackson moonwalk and turn around and moonwalk in the other direction once it gets to a certain spot.

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