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The Pet Cardinal is a members only flying pet that can be obtained via the pet egg.


The cardinal has a medium length tail, medium wings, a light , almost neon color variant of the body's color for the beak and feet's color, a dark mask and a light body. The head size fits the body well.

Custom Parts

Color 1: Mask

Color 2: Body


  • Even crest, shaped like a right angle triange
  • Rugged feathers going up the back of crest
  • Crest with a curl at the end
  • No crest, just a bob of feathers


  • Standard cone
  • Cross beaked
  • Top park of beak is dark
  • Cone shape with a small hook on the end


  • Half circle mask
  • Half circle mask with a distinct lighter color for the belly
  • No mask, just a distinct lighter colored belly
  • No mask or light colored belly


Play: Pine cone falls from sky, cardinal pecks at it until its gone

Dance: Moves its wings like scissors on either side of it

Hop: Hops on one foot then the other

Sleep: Tucks feet under it, and ruffles neck feathers, tucking its face into them

Sit: Sits up straight with its legs sticking out in front



Phantom Hat: A black hat with four tentacles and a white eye with black in the middle that are stitched on with grey stitches.

Spiked Hair: A crown of short spikes of the pet's "Color 2" color.

Chip Hat: A sandy colored sombrero with green guacamole in the rim.

Arctic Hood: A mini version of the pink variant of this item.


Camouflage Helmet: A bowl shaped brown helmet that has dark and light green splotches on it, secured with a black strap that has a silver buckle.

Forward Crest: The standard crest except the end of it is forward instead of slicked back.

Bun: The top of its crest is tied with purple and the feathers coming out of it are a fluffy bob.

Ram Horns: Grey horns that twist in a loop, and that end outward, these are on either side of the pet's head.


Spike: A black long spike collar is added to the pet's neck.

Seed Necklace: Several small yellow seeds attached to one striped sunflower seed encircle the pet's neck.

Rattle Neckband: A blue band that has yellow stars with red beads hanging from strings off of it.

Holly Bow: Two green holly leaves with three red berries attached to a red band encircles the pet's neck.


Friendship Bracelet: A small blue woven band is added to one of the pet's legs.

Knobby Legs: Black legs that have a bony knee and nails on the toes replaces the pet's original legs.

Bush Cloak: A green bush with small blue berries is worn on the body of the pet.

Dragon Wings: Large red wings replace the pet's original wings.