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The Pet Blowfish is a members-only ocean pet that is available for three diamonds.

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Appearance and patterns

  • The spines can be: tripple-pointed, strait, hooked, or no spines at all.
  • The back and belly are the two color customize-able places
  • The pattern of the second color (The belly) can be: simple (with two clear sides), striped, spotted, and no color from that part.
  • The fins can be: round, spiky, brush-tipped, or bumpy.


Dance: Sways back and forth.

Pose: Curves its body with one of the fins sticking out

Play: Inflates and deflates, blowing bubbles out.

Swirl: Wiggles its fins as it moves

Dive: Dips down steeply and quickly, then rises up steeply but slow.



Head flower: A pink lotus flower with a yellow center and two green leaves on the side of the pet's head.

Seaweed hair: Three strips of green seaweed on either side of the pet's head.

Ice Cream: Spilled vanilla ice cream on top of the pet's head with the brown cone sticking out like a horn.

Mohawk: Long spines stick forward that are tipped with black and are thicker.


Lei: Bright blue and pink flowers encircle the pet's neck.

Lips: Lips sticking out in a "kissing face." These are the same color as the pet's colors.

Fin Piercing: Golden ring piercing in the pet's dorsal fin.

Blush: Pink blush on the pet's cheeks.


Seaweed Skirt: A skirt make of five strips of green seaweed, and a pink flower on top, near the green rim.

Minnow friend: A small blue and white minnow with a black beady eye follows the pet.

Tiny fins: A smaller version of the default fins.

Golden balls: A golden ball that sparkles tips each spine. (On a pet with no spines, these are just like pokadots.)